Sandee addresses your innate energetic flow above and below the skin, without injury to healthy tissue. Your skin (and soul) will return to vibrancy, clarity and youthfulness with Qi Beauty Treatments.

“Aging is energy loss,

Qi Beauty is energy renewal.”

Using specific negative polarized gold-plated micro magnets, Qi Beauty Matrix treatments stimulate tissues in the dermis and epidermis plus the proximal acupuncture points to optimize, reinforce, and strengthen the skin barrier and increase the neurological and circulatory activity in the dermis. The positioning of the micro magnets produce a constellation of biological processes and increased ATP.

By working with our body’s own energetic field, we create a Static Magnetic Field using magnetic spheres to invigorate and organize cells with renewed energy to regain identity to perform programmed tasks. Qi movement encourages cellular regeneration as nutrient-rich fluid floods the tissues to create volume and lift.

After unveiling and assessing your unique facial landscape, each Qi Beauty Matrix is applied with intention to target volume loss, diminished and banded collagen, significant facial sag, inflammation and congestion, lack of vitality and luster, and discoloration. The results of a single Qi Beauty treatment removes metabolic waste, boosts cellular proliferation and remodeling, strengthens the skin barrier and creates a healthy flora, lifts the brow, defines the architecture of the jawline and cheekbones, and floods our tissues with nutrients for an immediate revival of energy and tone. Because we are working energetically within the cell, the skin is changed forever by a single treatment.

Qi Beauty Treatments

Qi Lymphatic & Detox Release…$250
Qi Face Beauty…$250
Qi Premier Face and Neck…$350
Qi Neck and Chest…$200
Qi Eye or Lip Plump add on…$75