My goal is to help your skin to stay healthy and younger-looking with long-lasting, non-aggressive treatments.

After years of outside sales in the dental industry, I was facing the fact I was 46 and not feeling as youthful. I wasn’t enjoying my professional direction! So, I took a short leave and enrolled in Esthetic School to figure out how to stay young. It turns out, I absolutely LOVE helping people feel good about the way they look and offering them a sense of well-being. More often, I get excited when a client looks in the mirror and is “wow’d” when they leave: looking refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed! 

Women and men, who are ready to make changes in their life, without surgery or expensive treatments, or those looking for relaxing and rejuvenating facial therapies, are my favorite clients. Microcurrent is my fountain of youth, along with Radio Frequency and Massage.